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So this is what’s happening with Guy and Ben

We’re busy taking over the world with TV Shows, Clothing Labels, Unversity, Website Design and Harpoon Fishing

And only one of the above isn’t true.

So we’re going on a hiatus from the radio.

It sucks we won’t be on air with you ever week, and we’re sorry we can’t have a ‘final’ show, but it’s not that we’re dissapearing completely. We’ve got some HUGE things coming up soon that involve more radio and TV!

Thanks for listening, we’ll be back to piss you off soon.


Just like the rest of NZ we’re off on Holidays. Guy is heading to the U.S to freeze to death while Ben is enjoying the sun! (Guy still wins though).


We’re back on air on 15th of Jan! Put it in your diaries, make a banner for above your bed and stencil it to your laptop screen. Back and better than ever (probably ever so slightly) in 2013!

Happy Religiously Vague Holidays!


Our first pub quiz from our show on 21 August 2012 – apologies for the delay in the podcasts, a new one will be up really really soon!

Our first ever Kondoot live show was a little rushed and a little stressful BUT we had heaps of fun and it’s online for you to watch now :)

P.SĀ we understand there’s quality issues :) We’re working on it if anyone wants to sponsor us for a better internet connection!

What’s better than just the radio!? It’s listeningĀ and watching!

Join us on Tuesday for an exciting NEW version of the radio! Just make sure you’re at your computer when you do!

The artist known as Random, aka Spencer, came to the studio this week to talk about art, do us a police sketch and tell us about his up coming art show at monster Valley on Thursday 28 June! Listen below and make sure you come along!

With the finalists announced it’s about time to show you all our 48 Hours offering this year. We’re properly gutted not to make the finals, but if you look carefully, there’s an editing award in there for our talented editor Liz… typical that the part of the film we had the least to do with is the piece that get’s the awards…

Guy and Ben both managed to organise a musician each this week, without actually checking with each other. Their songs are below, check them out and let us know what you think!